The Perl Review #0 Golf tournament - February 2002

TPR0's tournament: base 36 converter

Post-Mortem available


Since we didn't get on board with TPR until after the base 36 converter hole had begun we had to fix the rules. In order to apply these rules, some previous submissions were slightly modified in order to meet the requirements (ie, add a "$_=pop", or a " -l" flag, etc.). If the modifications were too important, your submission is counted as not valid. If you want to fix your entry, just resubmit.

Thanks for playing!

Jérôme Quelin and Dave Hoover


Given a base 36 number as first argument, you are to convert it to its base 10 representation.



The game started Friday 1st February 2002 and will end Friday the 15th, at noon GMT.

Test program

A test program is provided to help screen entries.

Any program that passes the test program can be submitted. If you are surprised that your program passed, please submit it anyway! That is how we identify bugs in the test program.

For the test program to work correctly, you will have to pass the name of your script as first argument, like this:

          $ perl <name-of-your-script>
to verify that your entry is valid.


Submit entries to Jérôme and Dave at, and to this address only. Do not publish your solutions anywhere. That will spoil the game, as your solutions are meant to be secret. All solutions will be published at the end of the game.

Please include your solutions in the body of your mail, with the following pattern:

  #!/usr/bin/perl -switches

Do not forget the __END__ token. It won't be counted for the overall score.